Cranial chiropractic

Cranial chiropractic

Cranial chiropractic 
in Newcastle

If you are looking to receive cranial chiropractic treatment in Newcastle, get in touch with Jesmond Chiropractic. We also provide our services in the Consett area of Durham. 

What is craniopathy or cranial chiropractic?

Craniopathy is a field in chiropractic that deals with the micro-motion available at the sutures of the skull. These sutures form the junction between the eight bones that make up the cranial vault and other bones that make up the face. A sac-like membrane called the dural membrane covers the brain and spinal cord and contains cerebro-spinal fluid in which the brain and spinal cord are immersed. This cerebro-spinal fluid acts as a cushion, protecting this delicate mechanism, transporting nutrition, removing waste products and providing an ideal medium for essential nerve energy conduction. A mechanism within the body that is essential for good health is the circulation of cerebro-spinal fluid around the brain, down the dural membrane surrounding the spinal cord and then back up to the brain again. This mechanism relies on breathing to provide the pumping force. On inhalation fluid is forced up to the brain which in turn expands. On exhalation the brain can contract forcing fluid down towards the sacral bulb, the lower attachment of the dural membrane in the pelvis. The fact that the lower attachment of the dural membrane is in the pelvis explains why it is vital to stabilise the pelvis as part of craniopathic treatment. In order for this mechanism to work, there must be a small amount of motion at the sutures of the cranium and if the function of the sutures is compromised, fluid does not flow efficiently leading to ill health.
Cranial distortions

Cranial distortions

Cranial distortions occur when the body is subjected to stresses to which it cannot adapt. These stresses can take the form of physical stress (birth trauma, sports injuries, car accidents, poor working posture), chemical stress (food additives, drugs), environmental pollution and emotional stress. Because of the close relationship between the cranium, the spine and the pelvis, craniopathy is very useful in the treatment of the range of conditions usually seen by chiropractors such as low back pain and neck pain, but it can also be effective for the treatment of migraine headaches. There is also a variety of so-called specific techniques, which can be used to treat specific conditions. In combination with organ system treatments, craniopathy can relieve stress on important nerve pathways descending from the brain down to the organ systems, helping to relieve these conditions.
As mentioned before, birth trauma can have a profound effect on the newborn. Even an apparently normal delivery can have trauma associated with it, for example, if the baby’s presentation is not ideal. But birth trauma can seriously affect cranial health, causing problems for the baby. Plagiocephaly is thought to be a factor in educational problems in later life.
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Healthy nervous system

Craniopathy leads to a healthy nervous system, which leads to a healthy body. Every cell in the body is controlled by the nervous system. If this system is compromised by abnormal cerebro-spinal fluid, then health is compromised. It may not manifest then and there as symptoms, but it does require body resources to adapt and compensate for it. Over a period of time the body runs out of the ability to adapt and compensate and that’s when ill health catches up with you. Craniopathy on a regular basis helps maintain health.

In addition to craniopathy, we also specialise in all kinds of pain treatment
Michael Lee is a 32 year old construction company director from Bedlington. He came in complaining of low back and leg pain on both sides. We found that his back was causing his hamstring muscles to be really tight.
"After a few treatments I felt so much better. My trainer even commented on how much the flexibility in my hamstrings had improved. Now I go regularly to keep up the improvement and deal with little problems from my training."
For cranial chiropractic treatment in Newcastle, get in touch with the professionals at Jesmond Chiropractic. Call us on 01207 272 590 or 0191 281 9200
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